Brendan Hynes , lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Black Rose is a 30 plus year veteran of the New Jersey club circuit. Brendan grew up in Edison, NJ performing at high school dances and parties before graduating to bar bands. In 1976 Brendan became the lead singer of Nasty Lass which went on to be one of the most popular rock club acts of the mid 1970s to early 1980s, playing hundreds of gigs each year throughout the tri state area. The band was voted the #1 rock band in the Aquarian Weekly band contest for 1979. In 1980 Nasty Lass decided to take a break from their grueling club schedule to spend more time working on and recording their own material. After a 6 month hiatus they released their first single and began playing original venues in NY/NJ like CBGB, The Palladium, Great Gildersleeves, The Stone Pony, and The Dirt Club. A few of the acts that Brendan has opened are Judas Priest, The Ramones, David Johansen, Twisted Sister and The Smithereens. After a 20 year break, Brendan was reunited in 2003 with former Nasty Lass band mates Tony DeCarlo and Roger James in Black Rose. Brendan's early musical influences were Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Mott The Hoople, Humble Pie, and anything else that ROCKED. He currently plays a 1970 Fender Telecaster through a vintage 1977 Mesa Boogie Mark ll. Brendan also plays keyboards.


Tony DeCarlo took interest in guitar at the age of 8 years old and learned to read music by age 12. At the age of 14, he switched to bass guitar, because there weren't many bass players that young playing in middle school and high school rock bands at that time. This led him to play with the best local musicians in his area. In 1973, he joined a popular local area band named "Beautiful Zelda", where he played with some of the best musicians, like the late Bernie Brauswetter, the late Mike Whitsit, and the late Allan Harkey, Dot Cabreara, Brad Jennings and Chip McCarthy. In 1975, he joined a popular rock & roll cover band that played the tri-state area: "Nasty Lass". Along with musicians Mike Gaspari, Brendan Hynes, Roger Mauro, Dot Cabreara, Billy Diamond from a band named "Harlow" and Mike Peck from a band named "Holme". They shared the stage with bands like "Twisted Sister", "White Tiger", "The Good Rats", "Rick Derringer", "The Ramones", and many more famous bands. In 1979, the Aquarian news publisher voted "Nasty Lass" to be the # 1 most popular rock band on the New Jersey night club circuit. The band was interviewed by disc jockey Matt Pinfield from the Rutgers radio station in 1979. In 1980, they recorded their own songs at The Record Plant in N.Y.C., where John Lennon recorded his last album just weeks before. In October of 1980, Nasty Lass opened for Judas Priest at the Palladium in N.Y.C. Then Tony took some time off to raise his family until 1999. In 2000, a solo musician friend named Jim Nuzzo put together a cover rock band that is still playing the central jersey circuit today. The band's name is "Black Rose". As the only remaining original member, Tony was joined in 2003 by two former Nasty Lass band mates Brendan Hynes (lead vocal and guitar) and Roger Mauro (lead guitar and vocal). In 2007 Black Rose added a 5th member, Giles Davis (keyboard, sax, guitar, and vocal). In 2009, drummer Dennis Mugica signed on to round out the quintet's lineup. Tony's musical influences include bands from the 60's like the early Beatles and Ritchie Valens , Led Zepplin, Stevie Ray Vaughan, to today's artists like Green Day and John Mayer. His love for music enables him to play all types of music like blues, country, rock and roll, jazz. Tony is a true musician and a veteran of the Jersey music scene for over 40 years.


Dennis Mugica started playing drums at the tender age of 15, and has never let anything, even an injury requiring 17 stitches to his right wrist, hold him back. At the age of 18, multiple doctors stated he would never again be able to play the drums, but that only fueled his determination to try harder. From starting out in a small basement in Perth Amboy to now having a full studio in his home, this self-taught drummer has played with rock, jazz, funk, progressive, and many other types of bands. Understanding the importance of being a versatile musician has helped him to easily adapt to all genres of music. While growing up, his musical influences were Billy Cobham, Led Zeppelin?s John Bonham, and Neil Peart of Rush; all of these have allowed him to be the musician he is today. Dennis is fortunate to have played with many top notch musicians through out his musical endeavors. This musician understands the true meaning and concept of music. He takes much pride in all he sets his mind to. For years, Dennis has played throughout the tri-state area. He has been on several radio station including WDHA, WMMR, WSOU, and so forth. He has also appeared and performed on the original hit T.V show STAR SEARCH hosted by Ed Mc Mann. Dennis took a nine year hiatus from 1996 to 2005 and is back stronger and more determined to reignite his passion for music on a whole new level. He now is playing a more advanced Roland electronic drum kit. Coupled with that fact, Dennis has also learned the ability to play double bass within the past two years and because of this, has added a new dimension to his playing. In addition to playing the drums, Dennis can also play bass and guitar as well as sing lead and backup vocals. This rocker has been instrumental in working with and putting other bands together. This time not only is he working with seasoned pros again, he is working with musicians that take much pride in their involvement and passion in what they do. Dennis is the latest addition to the Black Rose saga and is honored to be apart of it. That in itself makes it special too.


Louie ‘Spector’ Tedesco – Lead Guitar/Vocalist. Lou is the latest addition to the Black Rose Band. Having been a founding member of the band ‘The Touchables’ that played the NJ/Tri State area club circuit during the late 70’s early 80’s, Lou comes to us possessing a vast amount of stage experience. The Touchables were the first New Wave / Punk rock band to break into what was then known as the Hard Rock Band ‘A Rooms’. The band went on to become the top New Wave band in the State packing the clubs 6 nights a week. Lou was also a principal writer of the original tunes the band recorded and performed. During this time Lou shared the stage with such notables as Bon Jovi, 38 Special, John Waite, Huey Lewis, David Johansen to name a few. Lou’s musical influences include The Beatles, Stones, Yes, Led Zeppelin, any and all New Wave 80’s bands.

In recent years Lou has performed with Drama, Bad Kitty and NJ’s Most Wanted Band. His passion for music is evident in his playing and we are happy to have him join the Black Rose band.


Fred attended The New School in NYC learning mixing techniques and started in 1973 with "Creations End" which later changed with the times and was renamed to "Nasty Lass". Fred worked with "Nasty Lass" from 1975 to the early 80's. He worked many rooms ranging from as small as Sally's Steakhouse to as large as the NY Palladium. "Nasty Lass" then became an all original band called "The Playmates" playing such venues as Great Gildersleeves and CBGB's. Fred also worked with other local cover bands such as "Raritan" and "Network" in the 80's. From 1989 through 1995, he worked with various companies doing musicals and plays in Central Jersey at The Villagers, Playhouse 22, and The George Street Playhouse. Now he's back with the guys he started with years ago, Tony, Brendan, and Roger. Together with Giles and Dennis, their added influence and talent has made this group of musicians great to work with.